Everything you need to know about real estate investing with OPCAP.

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On each project offered by OPCAP, you can invest a minimum of €100 up to a maximum of €50 000 per project.

OPCAP is paid at the time of subscription by a percentage of the property's value up to 10%. This fee covers the remuneration of our teams, as well as our costs for researching, visiting, analyzing and auditing the property.

Management fees are used to remunerate our partner who manages the property (accounting, works management, unpaid rent insurance, re-rental, etc.) throughout the holding period. This fee corresponds to a percentage of the rents collected. OPCAP deducts 2% from the rental amount for administrative follow-up.

We take out a hypothec on the property for the benefit of investors. If OPCAP defaults, investors will be able to sell the property and recover their investment.

*Investing in real estate bonds involves the risk of losing some or all of the capital invested. Only invest money you don't need immediately, and diversify your investments.

To sign up on the OPCAP platform, you must be a physical person of legal age, which means having reached the age of 18 or over and enjoying your civil rights. You must be domiciled in a country of the European Union or Switzerland.

In order to proceed with your registration and in accordance with regulatory requirements, it is necessary to provide valid proof of identity. This document is essential to verify your identity and ensure the security of the platform. You will be asked to provide a copy of your identity card, passport or any other official identity document.

Of course we do! We believe that our investors are our best ambassadors. In your personal space, you'll find your personal URL link in the referral section. Share it with your friends and family, and your referrals will automatically be linked to your account. You'll earn a percentage of the amounts invested by your referrals. And your referrals will receive a bonus when they invest.

For each acquisition, OPCAP issues simple bonds (financial securities) with a par value of one hundred euros.

Thus, you do not legally own the real estate asset, but you do have a financial interest in proportion to your investment. This right is to the rents and any capital gain on resale. All OPCAP investor rights attached to the bond are detailed in the subscription agreement available in your space.

Real estate is a long-term investment. Thus, the bonds issued by OPCAP which can vary from 4 to 10 years depending on the projects.

However, we will soon give you the opportunity to be able to resell your bonds, before the maturity date.

If you are a French tax resident, your income will be taxed at source by OPCAP according to the current tax scale, i.e. at the 30% "flat tax" rate (12.8% IR and 17.2% social security contributions).OPCAP will therefore pay you income net of tax, so you'll have nothing to declare.

Or, as an option, you can be exempted from the compulsory 12.8% non-liberating flat-rate withholding tax paid in respect of income tax at the time of interest payment, if your reference tax income for the year N-2 was less than €25,000 for a single person or €50,000 for a couple (marriage or PACS).

If this is the case, simply tick box 2OP on your tax return to opt out of the flat tax and opt for taxation on the progressive income tax scale.

For investors whose tax residence is outside France, they are tax-exempt.Taxation applies according to the resident's country. At the end of each calendar year, and at the investor's request, OPCAP will repay the amount corresponding to the difference between interest paid before and after tax.

You will receive your income on your account on the 20th of each month. You can withdraw as little as €5 at any time. All you have to do is request it from your account and enter your IBAN. A transfer will be made to your bank account within 48 hours.
At OPCAP, we have chosen to provide a fixed return to our investors. So, for the duration of your investment, you are sure to receive your income on your investment every month no matter what happens.

OPCAP offers real estate investment opportunities from as little as €100. However, it is crucial that potential investors understand the inherent risks before making a decision to participate.

Firstly, real estate investments are exposed to market risks, implying that the value of investments may vary according to economic and real estate market conditions. In addition, these investments present property-related risks, such as construction delays, unforeseen costs and leasing challenges.

It is also important for potential investors to be aware of the illiquid nature of real estate investment, making it difficult to sell a stake in the event of a need for liquidity. Credit risks may also arise if OPCAP borrows to finance its investments and finds itself unable to repay its debts.

Finally, potential investors should consider the regulatory risks associated with real estate investments, particularly with regard to tax laws, environmental regulations and zoning laws.

Therefore, OPCAP strongly recommends that potential investors carefully review the information available on its website and consult their own financial advisor before making any investment decision. By choosing to invest with OPCAP, investors acknowledge and accept all risks associated with real estate investment, understanding that the company does not guarantee any return or return on investment. It is also emphasized that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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